What is Flattipörssi?

Flattipörssi is an unofficial blog for results of Flatcoated Retrievers in various events. It is meant mainly for results of events in Finland or Finnish dogs abroad. You can send your own show results to nayttelyt@porssi.flattikasvattajat.com and other results to kokeet@porssi.flattikasvattajat.com .

If you send pictures to be posted on the result pages, please try to keep the long edge at 700px maximum since that is the maximum size used. The pictures should be fairly recent (preferably from the event). Please make sure that you have permission from the photographer to submit the picture. Submit the photographers name if it should be mentioned on the site. The copyright of the image stays with the original photographer.

Short glossary, shows

The following terminology is used in show results (more information on the Finnish Kennel Clubs dog shows page):

  • ROP = BOB, Best of Breed
  • VSP = BOS, Best of opposite sex
  • SERT = CC, CAC, certificate
  • vara-CERT = res-CC, res-CAC, reserve certificate
  • PU1-4 = Best male, top four
  • PN1-4 = Best female, top four
  • vet = Veteran
  • pentu = puppy, typically 7-9 months but can include 5-7 months
  • kasvattaja = breeder
  • urokset, nartut = males, females
  • ERI1-4, EH, H, T, EVA, HYL = The dogs quality evaluation: excellent, very good, good, sufficient, can not be judged, disqualified; dogs with excellents in each class are ranked 1-4 before the SAs are handed out
  • SA = certificate quality
  • JUN, NUO, AVO, KÄY, VAL, VET = classes: junior, intermediate, open, working, champion, veteran
  • FI MVA = Finnish Champion

Short glossary, tests

A brief description of Finnish hunt tests is available. The following may help in understanding the results:

  • NOU = Tendency trial, 1 = passed, 0 = failed
  • ALO, AVO, VOI, EVL = classes novice, open, winner, special winner
  • Typically numbers 1 – 3 are a quality evaluation against a standard and not competetive placements with 1 being the best.

Kaikki tulokset ovat epävirallisia ja perustuvat sivuston toimittajien saamiin tietoihin. Jos tiedoissa on puutteita tai virheitä, ilmoittakaa niistä sivuston toimittajille.